Remodeling and Custom Home Construction

Custom Homes in Coastal Areas
of Southeast Texas

Blu Shields Construction is the leading custom home builder for the southeast portion of the Texas coast. We build custom homes that fit our customers’ needs. We have been building and remodeling homes in the Galveston / Houston metro area since 1975. We build homes from the low $80,000 to over $1,000,000 and they range in size from under 1000 square feet to more than 8000 square feet.

A custom home is a home that is built for a specific client and for a particular location. Usually the custom home builder will construct the custom home on land the home buyer already owns. The custom home builder may use plan created by an architect or plans provided by the home buyer.

Blu Shields Construction also specializes in coastal construction. Coastal construction has some unique requirements because of the its location. Building codes are stricter because of storms and hurricanes and materials have to be able to withstand harsh sunlight and a salty humidity.

We have raised the standards for home building in and outside of the coastal areas of Texas and we deliver the best value in custom home building. All of our homes are built with the following features or goals.

  • Afforable – built below average local construction costs
  • Timely – 45 days or less to complete a home
  • High Quality – construction and materials
  • Energy Efficiency (see our Energy Efficiency Guarantee)
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for accessible design


6 Steps to Owning your Dream Custom Built Home on the Texas Coast 

1) Call us Today !!
2) Pre-Qualify with your lender or with one of our favorite lenders
3) Meet with our engineers to have your custom home designed to your specifications
4) Close the sale at the title company
5) We begin construction of your beautiful, energy efficient custom home
6) Sit back and relax

Please call us today. Our friendly staff will guide you step by step through the process. They will help you select and customize your house plan, determine your new home’s cost, contact lenders for financing, and assist with pre-construction decisions. We will help you with every detail including the move into your new custom home.

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