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The Energy Efficiency Guarantee

Blu Shields Construction one of the country’s leaders in Energy Efficiency in new property construction. We know that when we build a custom home, retail location, or commercial property that it will have the best Energy Efficiency Technologies available. ¬†That is why Blu Shields makes the following “Energy Efficiency Guarantee” for every custom home that he builds.

Energy Efficiency Guarantee
Blu Shields Construction
for New Custom Home Construction

Blu Shields Construction guarantees that the energy bill for any newly constructed home will not exceed $200 per month during its first five years. Should the homeowner’s energy bill exceed $200 in any given monthly billing cycle then Blu Shields Construction will reimburse the homeowner for any amount of energy consumption that exceeds $200 in that monthly billing cycle.

We can make this guarantee because we know how to build highly Energy Efficient Custom Homes using the latest designs and equipment. And after years of building custom home we have yet to receive a request from a homeowner to reimburse him or her for any energy bill in excess of $200. That should give some comfort to future homeowners of our custom built coastal homes.

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I stand behind the homes I build.
Blu Shields 

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