Remodeling and Custom Home Construction

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is different about custom home construction in coastal areas?

Answer: In the state of Texas there are several important features that must be included in any new home built within 30 miles of the Texas coast. One important feature is that the new home must built with a substantial rise in elevation. This substantially reduces the risk of future flood and water damage. Usually this means the new home will be built upon wood or concrete piers. Another important feature the home must have is hurricane resistant metal bracing on all phases of framing members. This feature will substantially reduce the risk of roof damage.

2) What makes your coastal custom homes energy efficient?

Answer: We use a number of high technology design features and the latest in energy efficient equipment. Among these design features and equipment are high SEER HVAC systems, skin venting of walls, and attic venting that will promote air circulation and keep your home cool all year long. We are so confident of our work that we offer all new homeowners our Energy Efficiency Guarantee.

3) I currently own a coastal home. Can you make it more energy efficient?

Answer: Yes, definitely. There are a number of updates that can be done. Your A/C system will be reviewed for its age and efficiency. If it has 10 or 15 years of age then you might consider a replacement. Your roof deck can be upgraded with radiant barriers. If your roof is 15 years of age or older then it would be an ideal time to consider these highly efficient radiant barriers. We can also improve the insulation in the attic and perhaps in other parts of the home. Attic venting is also very important so we would evaluate your ridge venting and soffit venting.

4) Does Blu Shields Construction build and manage commercial buildings?

Answer: Yes. We build commercial / retail / office buildings using the same energy efficiency equipment and design concepts. And we will manage these buildings for absentee owners.

5) Does Blu Shields Construction help building owners lease retail and office space?

Answer: Yes. We will work with building owners to lease their retail and office space in their coastal communities in Texas.

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