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Retail / Office Leasing for
Texas Coastal Properties

At Blu Shields Construction we assist property owners with the leasing of their retail and office properties. We help the property owner all of the necessary tasks associated with the lease of a retail or office property. Our geographic focus is on the southeast portion of the

Among the many services we offer are:

  • Advertise and find prospective new tenants
  • Appointments – we will arrange appointments with all prospective tenants and tour the properties with them
  • Qualify the tenants – We will review and approve their financial stability by requesting credit reports, income verification, and financial references. In addition we will ask for a business plan and personal resume from the prospective tenant.
  • Negotiate base rents, length of lease, use of premises, proposed improvements to the property, and any special conditions
  • Draft non-binding tenant offers and present them to the property owner
  • Prepare Lease Agreements
  • Obtain Certificate of Insurance from the tenant naming the property owner as “additional insured”
  • Communication – We will maintain our communication with the property owner and provide monthly financial updates on the property
  • Emergencies – We will respond and manage all emergencies that may occur on the property

At the current time Blu Shields Construction has Retail and Office Leasing interests in the following geographic areas. However, we would be happy to discuss our retail / office leasing services in any part of the Galveston / Houston metro area.

Galveston Retail / Office Leasing

Kemah Retail / Office Leasing

League City Retail / Office Leasing

Seabrook Retail / Office Leasing

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