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Testimonials from Customers of Blu Shields Construction

He’s a fantastic builder. We’re extremely pleased.We had a trained electrician from Texas New Mexico tell us that our house could stand up against any house built these days- the best built house he’d ever seen! we’d recommend him to any of our friends. He’s fantastic, and so is his wife Pat, and they’ve invited us into their home. Blu has even helped my kids with remodeling and building tips!

Karen Gibby

He’s a very reputable contractor and does quality work. He’s purchased some old lots and he’s trying to build quality, smaller homes in the inner city. He’s hoping to do some revitalizton, and we want to encourage and assist him (or any other contractor with similar pursuits) in any way we can.

– Larry Iles, Building Official for the City of Texas City

I don’t think I’ve ever met a finer person or a more capable competent individual. He’s been renovateing our house at Waterford Harbor for 6 months. If you could see the before and after, you’d realize how big of an undertaking this was. There’s no one I could recommend higher or any better. My wife calls him “Blu Angel”.

– Dick Huber, The Woodlands, Texas

He’s like the Norm Abram of Texas City! He’s an overgrown boy scout. He’s honest trustworthy and kind. He’s just a real joy to be around- he and his whole crew! When he began work on my house, my mother liked his work so much, she hired him to do her house and he also did work on my daughter’s house, so three generations used his services!

– Diane Gerami, La Marque, Texas

Blu did a beautiful job for us out in Tiki; he installed an elevator for us. We’re in our 70s and have some trouble getting up and down stairs. The quality of work is excellent. Everything was positive throughout. He showed a lot of patience. In addition to the elevator, he also added some spiral stairways for easy egress from the top floor to the bottom, in case of fire.

– Kenneth Bourgeois, Tiki Island, Texas

He’s doing a total remodel on my house. It’s 70 years old, so he’s put in new plumbing and wiring from the bottom up. He’s a real pleasure to work with, stays interested and involved. He likes to build, likes to keep people employed and like to service the community. He’s getting people into home with low interest rates. He’s a community-minded person and loves to get people into housing. It’s a win-win situation.

– James Rice

He has done several things for me. He always goes above and beyond my expectations. I’ve been very pleased with his work. He’s been the one I call whenever I need things done around the house. It’s become a friendship.

– Donna Barnett

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